Mar 16, 2012

Cleveland's Revival starts with Deconstruction

Everyone who knows Apoc knows that we use raw, reclaimed materials. Not only are we saving natural materials that are less-commonly used in modern construction, but Cleveland's rich history is saved in each handcrafted piece of furniture. Rare, beautiful woods are recovered along with wood from old growth trees that provide strength and beauty to every thing we create.

How are these materials recovered? Apoc has it's own organized deconstruction crew that target sites out in the city of Cleveland, ready to help tear down expired homes that, if left standing, could potentially endanger citizens. Not only are they helping the city by giving man-power to clean up the area of urban blight, they're helping the environment by deconstructing and finding materials that can be used in the Apoc design shop to create custom furniture. Apoc reclaims these materials, turning waste into an asset.

The Apoc Deconstruction crew at Eddy Road

Some recent deconstruction projects have made it to the news in France in December 2011, highlighting specific East Cleveland locations, like Eddy Road. Nationally, Apoc has been recognized as a reviver of the rust belt by Jesse Ashlock in Details magazine. (watch Jesse Ashlock talk about the Rust Belt Renaissance here on MSNBC).

Tom Hennessy of the Apoc Deconstruction crew is made internationally famous

Cleveland is in a state of revival, progressing from the ground up. The only way we can get back to Cleveland roots and grow is to start with deconstruction. Reclaimed materials and Cleveland history take these custom furniture pieces beyond just 'eco-chic'.


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