Apr 20, 2011

2 Years?

It is painfully obvious to everyone on the team that we need a blogger. It's not that this type of thing isn't important. We have been a bit busy over these past 2 years, that's all....

Speaking of busy, our upcycling endeavors have introduced APOC into a number of new places around town. Check this google map of APOC Sightings The map has thumbnails of several of the installations.

The deconstruction side of our business has grown as well. Since the last posting on this blog, the team has deconstructed over 35 homes - close to 2,000 tons of materials were rescued!

Read this great posting that explains where deconstruction is going in Cleveland!

Keep an eye out for APOC at your favorite restaurant, and look for our retail products at Banyan Tree We'll be sure to post with more frequency....

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