Jan 28, 2009

West 65th Sreet Creations

The home on West 65th Street near Detroit Avenue in the Gordon Square neighborhood of Cleveland stood for 94 years. Slated for demolition, A Piece of Cleveland deconstructed the property, rescuing pine framing lumber, beech and maple flooring from the home.

The yellow house with the green awnings served as home to many families and we at APOC are pleased that an upcylced kitchen counter and a fireplace mantle will be enjoyed by Cleveland families for years to come.

Upcycled Custom Kitchen Counter



Custom Fireplace Mantle

In addition to the home furnishings, APOC also created a custom conference table for thunder::tech. The large, beautiful table was created with the technology company's needs in mind.

thunder::tech Custom Conference Table
Assembling T::T Conference Table

Assembling T::T Conference Table


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